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The Nude in Art

Classic Nude
Classic Nude McConney
Oil on Canvas, 30" x 24"

The female nude in art is an artistic invention from the Renaissance during the 15th-century. The female figure or model is the essential focus and the only subject of the picture. She is often placed in a composition that accentuates the glow of their skin, they are seen close up, their bodies fill the entire enormity of the canvas. Often their hands and sometimes their feet remain inside the picture's frame. Since ancient times this genre has evolved far from its original interpretation.

To be sure, the nude placed in a landscape setting has become a great theme of modern art. The contouring line and modeling of paint suggests true feeling and form with a unified effect. She is often seen as a goddess that is unaware of the painter. We become voyeurs into her private world. A painting of the female nude is painted poetry interpreted by a new visual language. The very presence of a beautiful Venus is a mystery to be pondered for all of time.


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