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Still Life ... Nature Morte


Goya Still Life
Goya Still Life McConney

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Painting in the Studio
Kitchen View
Still Life with Timer McConney
Oil on Canvas

Coffee Can Brushes
Honey Dew Melon with Coffee Pot McConney
Oil on Canvas

The Art of Still Life

McConney's paintings represent what he loves about oil paint. It is a medium that allows for a wide range of subtly-varying applications on various kinds of surfaces. Its flexibility endows small and often overlooked objects with expressive possibility. In this instance, he uses as his subject something as disposable and mundane as what is on the kitchen table, and in the act of painting has raised it to the level of icon.

Kitchen View
View from the Kitchen McConney
Oil on Canvas, 40 "x 30"

Coffee Can Brushes
Coffee Can with Brushes McConney
Oil on Board ,12" x 9"

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