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Boats Docked Marina
Boats Docked at West 79th Street Marina, NYC McConney

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The Rivers and Marinas Surrounding New York City
79th Street Marina
Cabin Cruiser at West 79th Street Marina, NYC McConney
Acrylic on Canvas
11" x 14"



McConney's paintings are clearly the product of a modern artist. that convey space and scale with great authority, and they articulate the unique atmosphere and activity of New York in a consummate manner.

Ship East River
Ship on the East River McConney
Oil on Canvas
24" x 20


From the land over the Hudson to the East River, McConney invites the viewer to experience looking out over the horizon, over the top of high-rise and older low-rise buildings; here we are concerned with large masses, big and complex perspectives, both architectually and atmospherically.


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