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Setting the Standard

Boats Docked
Boats Docked McConney

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Around the CityScape Series

Upper East Side Apartment House
Upper East Side Apartment House, Oil on Canvas, by McConney (Sold)


McConney began drawing and painting while quite young. He spent much of his time, watching his father, who had a great facility for rendering and copying paintings.

Utrillo was a favorite since the artist's father liked the looseness and the painterly quality of the architecture.

This artist often sets up his easel in various locations of Greenwich Village, Washington Square, Union Square Park, and Central Park.

The Dakota
The Dakota, NYC McConney
Acrylic on Canvas
18" x 24"



McConney revisits the nostalgic Washington Square landmarks painted by Edward Hopper, a generation ago. This artist frequents the bohemian cafe scene and jazz clubs on Bleecker Street where many of his artist friends congregate daily for long discussions, chess games, dog runs, and nature studies around the arch in Washington Square Park.

He is a painter of the streets and has painted timeless sunsets in the fascinating Meat Market district by the edge of the Hudson River.

This artist was taught the magical quality of this medium. He developed an awareness of paint with its surface quality and texture. With time, he felt an affinity with the 19th Century French Realist painter, Edouard Manet.

Rockefeller Center is a beautifully planned complex made of open spaces




Even though Manet was not an Impressionist himself, he set the stage for Impressionism to occur. And then, Manet became known as the Father of Impressionism to the next generation of artists.

This artist has been highly influenced by Manet's work with his approach to painting and with his concern for light and color; as well as with his eye for structure and solidity.

McConney is intensely preoccupied with architecture, be it a form and discipline in his mind's eye with ideas transforming into an unfolding streetscape: screeching taxis and barreling buses with people sauntering in the depths of conversation while others rush to infinite destinations.


Radio City
Radio City Music Hall at Rockefeller Center, NYC

Oil on Canvas
18" x 24


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