Myron Heise

Country Days - City Nights - The Norfolk Arts Center, Norfolk, Nebraska

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Norfolk Arts Center
Myron Heise at The Norfolk Arts Center Reception

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Heise Reception Norfolk
Gloria and Mel Hentz of Norfolk with Myron Heise


Myron Heise, Precisionist Painter, has served as Artist-In-Residence at the Neihardt Center since 1980.

Opening Reception

Exclusive Photos of this special celebration

Myron Heise Exhibition
View of Gallery Show at the Nebraska Arts Center Museum

Fountain Norfolk Center
Fountain at the Center
Norfolk Arts Center
Norfolk Arts Center

Nebraska Arts Concourse
Concourse at Nebraska Arts Center
Lab Norfolk Center
Lab at the Center

Myron Heise Teaching
Myron Heise teaching a class.


The Street Painting Workshop with Myron Heise and his students took place on Norfolk Avenue, on August 7th and 8th.


Myron Heise has a substantial following in the town of his birthplace.


His friends and neighbors have a great affinity for his talents and his own special humor of course.

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