Street Painting Workshop

Westbeth at Dusk
On the Hudson River at Dusk

Myron Heise

Country Days - City Nights

Art Exhibition at The Norfolk Arts Center, Norfolk, Nebraska

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Myron Heise Portrait
© Myron Heise 2003

Bancroft area native, Myron Heise, was on hand in Bancroft at the Neihardt Center during the recent - 2007 - 42nd annual celebration of Nebraska's Poet Laureate, John Neihardt. Heise who now lives in New York city, displayed some of his paintings and painted live scenes during the day. The program focused on the great Ogalala Lakota mystic warrior, Crazy Horse, through a scholarly presentation, a dramatic reading and a phtographic art exhibition. During the day the following Neihardt Foundation officers were elected: Jon Cerny of Bancroft, president, Paul Hammel of Lincoln , vice president; Mary Lou Schweers of Bancroft, secretary, and Tim Spoeneman of Bancroft, treasurer.

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Myron Heise teaching a class.


The Street Painting Workshop with Myron Heise and his students took place on Norfolk Avenue.

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