Myron Heise

Fine Arts Painter

The Contrast of Farmland and Concrete

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Even the paintings that include people in them do so in quiet, intimate settings -- a card game at Shorty's Bar or a Hootenanny at Nancy's.

Shorty's Bar (Sold)

Oil on Canvas

30" X 40" - 1998

Collection of the Great Plains Museum, Lincoln NE

Myron Heise 1998 (Sold)

Myron Heise 2003
Paul Serrato and Co.
18" x 24"

Myron Heise 1986

Hootenany at Nancy's, 1986
24" X 30" - Oil on Canvas

They invite the viewer to peer into their gathering -- but only from a distance.

I first met Myron Heise nearly 20 years ago. His association with the John G. Neihardt Foundation (where he is artist in residence) and Neihardt Foundation board members such as Maxine Kessinger, a long-time champion of his works, brings Myron Heise back home to Nebraska each year to reconnect with his past.

Neihardt Day - 1984
30" x 40" - Oil on Canvas

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Myron Heise 1984

Mr. Heise's show, "Country Days, City Nights," combines two diverse landscapes of his life — and does so with honesty and eloquence. His works show the contrast of concrete and farmland, of day and night, of life on city streets and in country villages.

By intertwining and juxtaposing them, he gives us a deeper understanding of who Myron Heise, the artist and the person, is.

-- Judy Johnson
Neihardt Foundation
Bancroft, Nebraska

Myron Heise 1973-78
Portrait of a News Vendor (detail), 1973-78
Oil on Canvas - 5 x 6 feet
Catalog Cover

The Bridge over the East River
24" x 30"
Oil Painting by Myron Heise

East River, View of River Cafe from Manhattan
24" x 30"
Oil Painting by Myron Heise

Myron Heise 2015 All Rights Reserved

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