Myron Heise

New York City Street Painter

Times Square in Midtown New York

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Times Square has Much More Than a Life of Its Own.

Times Square Neon
Myron Heise, 2007
Times Square - Neon Tower
Oil on Canvas - 30" X 24"

Big Brother Watching
© Myron Heise 2007
Big Brother is Watching You
Oil on Canvas - 30" X 24"


Day time and Night time scrambles

through heavy traffic, rain,

cloudy mornings, neon nights,

hustle and bustle, crouds

of pedestrians

all boisterous

and celebrating the

glittering lights found

in Times Square day and night.

Myron Heise, 2003
Times Square - Coca Cola

Myron Heise © 2015 All Rights Reserved

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