Myron Heise

Subway and Transit - New York City Art Series

Times Square amd Subway Paintings - The whole droll shebang is painted with loving care but without obvious artifice.

© Myron Heise

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Myron R. Heise reveals something of the angst and spiritual darkness underlying our seemingly prosperous, media-driven, falsely-led society.

-- Don Gray
Curator West Valley Art Museum
Surprise (Phoenix), Arizona

Myron Heise 2003

Subway Sonata
24" x 30" Oil on Canvas

©Myron Heise
Subway on 125th Street
Oil on Canvas - 20" x 24"

A World of Art Making a Difference.

John Stern on the New York City Subway -- "The opposites of surface and depth, rest and motion, work as one throughout the 722 miles of track in America's largest underground transportation system, and it can be asked, "Do we have anything like interior recesses and subterranean tunnels in ourselves?" John Stern, famed transit photographer and historian, was senior planner for the Tri-State Regional Planning Commission.

Myron Heise © 2015 All Rights Reserved

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