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Artist and Contemporary Painter on the New York City Scene

Santa Trinita
Santa Trinita Myron Heise

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Phantom of Opera
Myron Heise, 2003
Phantom of the Opera
Oil on Canvas
24" x 18"

City Nights . . .

The Theater of the Streets


In Manhattan you may find theater in the streets, whether on Broadway or Times Square or in the Subway stations.

But especially in the Theater District you will certainly find the limelight.

Past Performances
Myron Heise, 2003
Past Performances, 1976
Oil on Canvas - 28" X 30"


Memory is a Potent Muse


In a complex still life entitled Past Performances, statues, clippings, eyeglasses and other small possessions collectively constitute a memorial portrait of the sculptor Charles O'Keefe.

The tableau stands in direct opposition to the vanitas tradition. In lieu of suggesting that all things pass, the props Heise painted remind us that art lasts.

Far from preaching momento mori, Heise's work invites us to remember life, and to cherish it.

-- Gerard Haggerty

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