Susan Gerstein

Works on Paper 2005 . . . Still Life Through The Ages:

Silver and Gold
Haut Bay Harbor© Susan Gerstein

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The Pastel Series

Blue Hydrangea
© Susan Gerstein 2005
Blue Hydrangea
Pastel on Paper
23" x 19"

Colors can be applied next to or over each other and smoothly blended, or hatched, and cross-hatched to create a shimmering web of color.

Silver and Gold
© Susan Gerstein 2005
Silver and Gold
Pastel on Paper - 24" x 30"

With pastels you can lay down a patch of color and then lightly scumble over it with another, creating a veil of color that partially obscures the under layer. Because the colors mix in the eye, they appear more vibrant.

Susan Gerstein 2015 All Rights Reserved
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