Susan Gerstein

Cityscapes - The City Series by a New York Artist

Gerstein Self Portrait
Self Portrait © Susan Gerstein

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Overview of the City


My paintings are essentially realism filtered through a vision. I paint a version of what I see, using sketches, memory and photographs as reference points.


The poetry of the physical world is endlessly fascinating to me; and the process of painting it is even more so.


The medium I use at any given time influences it; the mood of the moment influences it.


I hope in the end the work speaks for itself.

Susan Gerstein 2003

City at Moonrise
© Susan Gerstein 2005
City at Moonrise
Watercolor on Paper
23" x 22"


Hungarian-born realist painter, with a highly developed personal aesthetic, Susan Gerstein, lives and works in New York city.

City in Morning
© Susan Gerstein 2005
City in the Morning
Watercolor on Paper
23" x 22"

2015 © Susan Gerstein All Rights Reserved
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