Anna Feld

     Memories from:

          The Swiss Series

Train Gstaad Switzerland
Train to Gstaad © Anna Feld 2004

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A Time in Europe

Snowy City Gstaad
©Anna Feld 2004
Snowy City in Gstaad
Oil on Canvas - 24" X 18"

Lives of the Great Composers

Poetry by Dana Giogia (continued)

The radio goes off and on.

After rehearsal Gustav Holst exclaimed,
"I'm sick of music especially my own."

The relatives of Berlioz were horrified.

Hayden's wife used music to line pastry pans.

On rainy nights the ghost of Mendelsshon

brought melodies for Schumann to compose.
"Such harmony is in immortal souls . . .
we cannot hear it."

One could suppose
Herr Bruckner would have smiled.

Lonely Tree Gstaad
©Anna Feld 2004
Lonely Tree
Oil on Canvas
24" X 36"

At Tergenesee
the peasants stood
to hear young Paganini play
but here there is lightening
and the thunder rolls.

The radio goes off and on.

The rain falls to the pavement
like applause
A scrap of paper
tumbles down the street.

Train Gstaad Switzerland
©Anna Feld 2004
Train to Gstaad
Oil on Canvas
20" X 24"

As for landscape work in oils, the real subject is light and dark, and what’s to be seen at a glance. These paintings are slow and contemplative, quietly and carefully observed, and constructed, by hand, in full color.” 

Anna Feld - An American Artist in Switzerland

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