Anna Feld

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The Beauty of Nature

Lemons and Flowers
Lemons and Flowers © Anna Feld

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Lives of the Great Composers

Poetry by Dana Giogia

Herr Bruckner often wandered
into church
to join the mourners at a funeral.

The relatives of Berlioz were horrified.
"Such harmony,"
quotes Shakespeare,
"such immortal souls . . .
we cannot hear it."

But the radio is playing,
and outside
rain splashes to the pavement.
Now and then
the broadcast fails.

Lemons and Flowers
©Anna Feld 2004
Lemons and Flowers

Oil on Canvas
22" X 30"

©Anna Feld 2004

Oil on Canvas
22" X 20"

©Anna Feld 2004
Oil on Canvas
28" X 22"

Mothers Day Bouquet
©Anna Feld 2004
Mother's Day Bouquet (Sold)
Oil on Canvas
26" X 20"

On nights like these Schumann
would watch the lightning streak
his window panes.

Outside the rain is falling
on the pavement
a scrap of paper
tumbles down the street.

On rainy evenings, Schumann
jotted down his melodies
on window panes
"such harmony! we cannot hear."

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Yellow White Roses
©Anna Feld 2004
Yellow and White Roses
Oil on Canvas
28" X 22"

Flowers - from The Nature Series

White Flower Apple
©Anna Feld 2004
White Flower with Red Apple

Oil on Canvas
20" X 16"

Anna Feld is a painter in the American Tonalist tradition, currently living in New York City. Surrounded by plants and flower seemed to be a vision of her time in the studio.

The flowers have everything needed as subjects: gesture, line, color, and an infinite variety of form. They are emblems of beauty and the brevity of life, and as such, they can change quickly, mirroring different stages of their life.

These works are not meant to be botanically correct, nor are they imaginary. A dropped petal or the addition of a leaf is always possible.


All Paintings are Original Oil  on Canvas - One-Of-A-Kind - NY

Anna Feld 2015 All Rights Reserved
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