Anna Feld

Figurative Compositions

From Anna Yezierska to the Opera

Group Portrait Children
Group Portrait of Children by Anna Feld

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Gretta Waiting
Gretta Waiting © Anna Feld 2004
Oil on Canvas
36" X 24"

From the Collected Stories of Anzia Yezierska:
"How I Found America"

"Happiness is only by working at what you love ... I want to work by what's in me. Only I don't know what's in me. I only feel I'm different."

"I don't say that educated people have a monopoly of knowledge, but they are the only ones that know how to use it. "

"Then it's only the thoughts of educated people ... how about people ... with a lot to say but can't put it in fancy language?"

"But can you express yourself logically, reasonably?"

"Logic--reason! Reason--logic? I jumped from the chair with excitement ... so dull, so dead. Reason and logic aren't life. Hunger and desire is life. I know because I'm burning up with it. With this hunger they paint pictures and write books and sing songs ...."

by Anzia Yezierska


Georgette Contemplating
Giorgette Contemplating © Anna Feld 2004
Oil on Canvas - 36" X 24"

The People in my Life from The Figurative Series

Portrait Myron Heise
©Anna Feld
Portrait of  Myron Heise, Artist

"How every step in advance costs me my heart's blood! My greatest tragedy in life is that I always see the two opposite sides at the same time. What seems to me right one day seems all wrong the next. Not only that, but many things seem right and wrong at the same time. I feel I have a right to my own life, and yet I feel just as strongly that I owe my father and mother something."

by Anzia Yezierska

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