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The Farmers Market in Union Square

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Union Square Park - The Green Market

Farmers Market
© Ronald De Nota 2003
Farmer's Market at Union Square Park, NYC, 1999
Oil on Canvas - 24"h X 30"w

Union Square is a street of fun, of contrasts. It's an immense canyon worth exploring. During the day it booms. The Park is a raucous open-air market that features a glorious crop of fruits and vegetables. The Farmers Market has all the apples, zuchhini flowers, jams, oyster eggs, potted plant and flowers, bread and cheeses that one can imagine. It is a truly enriched bazaar, Even the great department stores near Murray Hill hardly compare with the frenzied push and tumble of the crowds as they churn between Union Square and Seventh Avenue.

And then, early in the morning, the stores are closed tight. Paper and cardboard litter the sidewalks, with just a few onlookers strolling around searching for a cafe or rushing to work.


Parks tend to grace the neighborhoods bordering them. Fifth Avenue's character is formed by the green acres of Central Park, with its surrounding architectural towers. The city is somewhat lacking in small neighborhood parks.

In 1838 the city surveyor's office prepared a plan for 18 small parks in Manhattan to be built on land plots set aside for that sole purpose. Grammercy Park is a private preserve whose original owners were said to have gold keys to the fence surrounding it.

Battery Park, City Hall Park, Prospect Park in Brooklyn and a few others, as beautiful as they were, did not exist in sufficient numbers to allow the city to breathe.


With Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux's winning design for Central Park (originally named Greensward), the city made up for lost time.


Begun in 1859 on 843 acres of swampland inhabited only by thousands of squatters sharing their shantytown quarters, Central Park was finally completed 20 years later.


The grooves, ponds, glades, footpaths and zoo make it a supreme example of 19th century city planning.

Tree Union Square
Tree in Union Square Park NYC
© Ronald De Nota 2006
Oil on Canvas
22" x 28"

Ronald De Nota © 2015 All Rights Reserved

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