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Into the Woods from Baychester Bay

Cherry Blossomed Tree
© Ronald De Nota 2003
Cherry Blossomed Tree at City Island
Oil on Canvas - 22" x 28"

Expressionist Hegenomy (Cont'd)

Still, critical diagnoses persist in using the concept of hegemony as a tool to understand relations between centre and periphery, Eurocentrism and the Other, institutions and movements, capital and art, sex and gender etc. But it seems that revolt against hegemony follows new paths, without an ambition to reveal the Great Law which would show us the point from where the absolute Freedom could be introduced at once and for all, because such a centralised way is the substance of hegemony itself.

City Island Cherry
© Ronald De Nota 2003
Old Cherry Tree at City Island
Oil on Canvas - 22" x 28"
How to use the concept of hegemony in art and culture today when culture is not put on pedestal as the most important sphere of human life and social progress, and when hegemony does not work as a reduction of all emancipatory fights to economy and class struggle? How does hegemony work in art relationships today, when art is an indiscernible part of global culture of late capitalism?

Ronald De Nota © 2015 All Rights Reserved

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