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Paintings about the Sea and the Sky at City Island

Husdson River
Hudson River Ronald DeNota

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Baychester Bay The City Island Series

Baychester Bay
© Ronald De Nota 2006
Baychester Bay at City Island
Oil on Canvas - 28" x 22"

Expressionistic Hegemony

Concept: The previous century insisted on great liberating turn in life of humanity, from different forms of domination and hegemony to complete freedom. In this kind of expectations and fights art was a weapon and a loot, and often used to be a battlefield for total emancipation as well.

At the end of the Twentieth Century different forms of exclusive ideologies were replaced by pluralism which announced the end of ideological fights between belligerent and trigger-happy alternatives.

Still, even in contemporary views the concept of hegemony remains an important tool for understanding the structure and dynamics of "post-modern" world presumably without alternatives and history.

Hegemony in Art and Culture

The tension between domination and subordination, between dependence, independence and freedom remains one of the crucial characteristics of global culture.

Boats City Island
© Ronald De Nota 2006
Boats at City Island
Oil on Canvas - 22" x 28"

The concept of Hegemony appeared at first as an expression covering cultural struggles (Antonio Gramsci), in which culture figured as a field which rules over life as an independent "pure" form of human and humanistic collective consciousness on one side, while on the other it was treated as an expression and reflection of ordinary reality of life, i.e., economy.

Hegemony of culture or hegemony of economy? The post-modern acceptance of pluralism and relativism over monism should surpass both possibilities under the global umbrella of the end of history.

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