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Vincent D'Alessio, Artist & Painter NYC

The Process of Painting

D'Alessio's drawings and paintings depicting various urban landscapes, continuing a theme the artist has been exploring for several decades.

This artist has immersed himself with the plein-aire atmosphere while encountering the colors and the flavors of dawn, dusk, daylight and nighttime, or the mood of the moment.

Surrounded by Madison Square Park the depiction of the Flatiron grounds includes the buildings and the natural rambling structures assembled there.

Storm Approaching
Autumn Landscape Vincent D'Alessio

The night time sets a mood, as we have observed, the mood of the moment.

These evocative works depict a city terrain in the process of undergoing entropy, death, and transformation with an anticipation of rebirth in the morning hours.

Just as the night time sets a mood, as we have observed, the snowfall descends and transforms the composition into another mood. The city terrain in this series now blasts into a whiteout.

Behind the Scenes

Though Vincent D'Alessio's lack of formal training is apparent, this seems to matter little. His love of his subject is obvious.

It bears mentioning that he had a deep love of nature long before he had any interest in art.

His desire to paint is best expressed by him: "Though loving to look at nature, to smell it, to breath it, it's not enough.

Landscapes / Nightscapes

When Vincent D'Alessio began to paint, it was a revelation as much as it was a struggle. He had no idea or plan to paint. In any case, he was persistent in his efforts.

He was simply an art lover and was educating himself by reading art books, as well as by seeing all of the art that was possible.

A Street Painter colleague of his, a well-known New York artist, who paints mostly at night urged him to go outdoors painting with him.

During night time they painted the Brooklyn Bridge and a new career began.

D'Alessio's interest in art was not in any way apparent. As time passed, he began visiting museums. For the first time discovered a connection with his artistic sensibilities.

So then he frequented museums daily, closely studying paintings. Progressively his appetite for the creative impulse became insatiable. He found that in visiting galleries and museums, these activities provided deep study.

Evanescent Impressions

Vincent D'Alessio has a greater willingness to take  risks or to reach out to capture evanescent impressions.

As a result we can look at the paintings, with a close study of their brush work, on their own terms with fewer preconceptions about artistic genius and what it means to peer into the depths of the human soul.

His brushwork is far more memorable and poignant and presents a most dramatic new discovery.

D'Alessio's paintings bring out the iconoclastic side of his talent. They pose questions about the shadowy qualities of truth and identity at many levels, that seems to cut through surface appearances and penetrate to something deeper, that seems to probe into the essence of human nature.

Emotional experiences are fugitive things, violent or delicate, and of many orders. Emotion is important because it is the one thing that everyone has an abundance of.

But by painting what I see and feel, by trying to capture the mood of the moment, I feel that I am marrying the subject that I love so much.

The Street Painters

Vincent D'Alessio became acquainted with several artist friends who banded together to create a new kind of landscape. These New York artists called themselves "The Street Painters".

These artists and scholars were largely influenced by the Ashcan School, and most of whom had been painting for thirty to forty years or more. D'Alessio's early work was highly influenced by the Barbizon painters and Impressionists, especially Monet and Sisley, and Van Gogh.

There are elements in his work from the Barbizon school, Post-Impressionism, the Ashcan school, as well as, Neo-Expressionism. However, DiAlessio's art works and paintings remain difficult to classify and they clearly are not affiliated with any single school. These art works illustrate the full range of his treatment of related imagery and demonstrates the elegance and innovative brilliance of his paintings.

The Process of Painting

Vincent D'Alessio has exhibited his paintings in many shows over the years, including several at the Broome Street Gallery in SoHo, the Lever Building, and at the Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center.

Brooklyn Bridge, Nocturnal Reflections Vincent D'Alessio
Oil on Canvas

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