Claire Clark

Figurative Sculpture

Lashe Opse
Lashe Opse Claire Clark

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Claire Clark 2003

Catherine Stoneware
Claire Clark, 2003
Stoneware with Oxides - 34 x 14 x 11


Included in Clark's educational background is a BFA degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in the early 50s. In the late 50s she began studying at The Art Students League of New York where she won the Edward G. McDowell Travel Grant for 1995.

Catherine Detail
Claire Clark 2003

There are 4 different clay versions of Catherine. These two shown just above are from the 3rd version.

Her work in ceramics started in the late 70s at Hunter College. It was the facilities at Hunter College that made it possible for her to complete her pieces (color from glazes and oxides from firing of the clay. She is experimental, pushing clay to its limits.


Show Crystal
Claire Clark 2003
31 x 24 x 9
High Fire Stoneware
$5,000 for bronze

Chrystal is also available in hydrocal priced at $800.

BeBe CatsBeBe Cats #10 Claire Clark
15" x 11" x 5 - Stoneware Glazes
$500 each

Claire Clark has a good size studio in the Bronx, with her own shuttle kiln. The kiln is Bailey's 38" high by 27" width and depth. She hopes to do more of her abstract work and at continue to do her realistic work at the League with the model, for now.

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