Claire Clark

High Fire Stoneware with Glazes and Oxides the Substance of an Artist's Media

Leslie Reclining Away
Reclining Claire Clark

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Leslie Reclining 6Leslie Reclining #6 Claire Clark
Stoneware and Glazes - 20" x 16" x 10"

Recent Ceramic Sculpture

Since Claire retired in 1991, she does only sculpture. She started with an armature and then decided not to ever use one again. Her familiarity with clay helped her build figures without an armature. It took practice.

After 2 years of studying full time again, she won a McDowell Traveling Scholarship. She went to Rome and visited Naples, Sienna, and Florence in Italy. She did stone carving at the American Academy of Rome with Simon Verite. She helped him with a fountain he was making for the Academy in the Villa Aurelia garden.

Torso Sculpture

Catherine Torso #28 Claire Clark
Stoneware and Glazes
31 " x 14" x 12"

She has continued to show her work with several distinguished groups: The Pen and Brush Club, Professional Sculptors Guild, Visual Individualists United, Artists Craftsman of New York, and Burr Artists. She has had a one-man show at the Art Students League for her McDowell scholarship. At the league, she also won a Nessa Cohen scholarship.

Catherine with Blue

Catherine with Blue #14 Claire Clark 2003
Stoneware and Glazes - 16 " x 6" x 5"

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