Claire Clark

The Twin Tower Series the Substance of an Artist's Media

Twin Towers 4
Twin Towers No. 4 © Claire Clark

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Twin Towers 5Twin Towers 5, #7 Claire Clark
Stonware Glaze
22" x 15" x 9"

Working --

She worked at the Museum of Modern Art in a non-resident term with Ms. Constantine who liked her abstract work. At that time Claire did realistic drawings from the model. She worked with the model with an armature and clay, as well. It was a very exciting time for her. Every time the model turned, she felt there was so much fresh to look at.

Her likenesses were good from the start. She continued studying sculpture with Nathaniel Kaz and John Hovannis. Proportions, application of clay, armatures and casting were all a part of this learning process.

After Bennington College Ms. Clark went to Cranbrook Academy of Art as a sculpture major. Here she worked abstractly. There were very few models and so she started really building with terra cotta.

At this time, she was also welding, learning ceramics and throwing on the wheel, doing etching and dry point and wood and stone carving. Her subjects were figurative.

Twin Towers 2Twin Towers 2, #8 Claire Clark
Stonware Glaze
15 " x 15" x 11"

Claire started her art at an early age. As a family, they did watercolors together, she starting at the age of three, on summer vacations.

In the backyard she became aware of the growth of vegetables and plants. In the morning, seeing the morning glories in full array and then closing up.

Digging in the sand at the beach and on her own in her studio or in the garden were all lively activities for her. She loved quoting her Grandmother saying you can dig a hole and get to China.

Twin Towers 4 Claire Clark
Twin Towers 4, #17
Stonware Glaze
17 " x 17" x 9"

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