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Myron Heise
Paintings by Myron Heise


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Myron Heise  --   Ronald De Nota  --  Richard Ahntholz  --  Vincent D'Alessio


The Art Students League of NY
215 West 57th Street, NYC 10019
Tel: 212 - 247 - 4510

"Where the Street Has Taken Us", a panel discussion by The Street Painters, took place at the Art Students League of New York, on July 9th.

The Street Painters was founded in 1977 by eight artists.Stressing their individuality, the group has exhibited work over the past two decades at the World Trade Center, the Peekskill Museum, Baruch College, Adelphi University and Pace University.

Intense colors distinguish their paintings, but their styles range from the exuberant expressionism of Schwarzburg to the cool precisionist images by Heise.

Focusing on urban subjects in a variety of styles, these artists have described their common purpose as alerting viewers "to the world they inhabit, its wonders and its decadence, in works of significant feeling."

Panel Discussion:
Where The Street Has Taken Us

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Panel Discussion
for an in-depth report on
Where the Street Has Taken Us.

The Street Painters

Exhibition of Paintings at The Art Students League of New York

Ron DeNota Lucy
Ronnie De Nota and Lucy Burns
Standing in front of their Portrait Mural Painting by the painter - Richard Castellana

Peter Schwarzburg
Paintings by Peter Schwarzburg

Tad Day
Paintings by Tad Day
Street Painter of the East Village
(1945 - 2005).

The Street Painters at The Art Student's League of New York

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