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Art Studio Mosaic Crafts Gallery VI -- NYC

Mosaics by McConney

Man-made Artistry in New York City at Union Square Park West in Manhattan

The free-ranging animals of Mosaic -- from start to finish -- a very fluid experience.

Some of these Mosaics are For Purchase - Please Email for more details Be sure to put the words "Mosaic Gallery" in the Subject Line of your Email

Rooster by McConney

McConney Mosaics

Three Turtles
3 Turtles and 3 Pigs
by McConney
$175 Each

McConney Owl Mosaic
Owl by McConney Sold

Three Sheep Mosaic
Three Sheep by McConney Sold

Three Pigs Mosaic
The Three Pigs by McConney

You can do Creative Mosaics in New York City at Union Square Park near Greenwich Village

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